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Help Line  now closed

Help and support for men and their families who are in, or have been in, an abusive or violent relationship and don't know where to turn for help and advice.    

Reproduced by kind permission of Norma Farnes, Spike Milligan Productions Ltd.

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We offer support via;


No marks

No bruise 

How could she injure me so?

There must be a wound!      

No one can be this hurt

and not bleed.



People say 'My, you're looking well'


.....God help me!

She's mummified me - 


While men remain silent there won't be equal services. There won't be awareness raised.           There won't be any support!

A help line


There seems to be a regular pattern in separations.  


Female alleges violence, police arrest the male / father.


Woman / mother applies for ex-parte non-molestation order which then entitles her to Legal Aid.


Male / father cannot

go home or see children.