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Help and support for men and their families who are in, or have been in, an abusive or violent relationship and don't know where to turn for help and advice.    

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Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programme (DVPP)


It is usually assumed that domestic violence is perpetrated by the male, but this is not so. Research studies show clearly that females are also perpetrators in domestic situations.


There are currently no programmes for female aggressors. This is a Programme which will work with both male and female perpetrators. The problem is aggression, not gender.  


Almost 70% of domestic violence is reciprocal, yet our system looks for one aggressor and one victim. The result is to separate the couple and keep them apart, ending the relationship. It may be that with  the correct help, the relationship could have been saved and peace restored to the family.


Separating the couple has an affect on any children involved. Separating the couple may lead to one parent, usually the father, not seeing his child or children for many months if at all. Often the forced separation results in animosity and the mother then enacts revenge on her ex by stopping the father’s contact even where there is a Child Arrangements Order in place.


Of course, there are cases where it would not be appropriate for the couple to come into contact and separation is the only resolution to an aggressive relationship, but this is not so in every case.


If it is appropriate for the couple to meet, couple counselling is beneficial, the aim being to enable the couple to work together peacefully and without animosity. This is vital for the emotional well-being of all those involved, especially the children.  


Where the children are of appropriate age, it may be helpful and constructive to include the children in family or ‘systemic’ therapy for the  family as a whole to understand the family dynamics and ways of relating to each other which will enable a change of behaviour and lead to a life without resorting to aggression.


There is no set time limit for this course. Everyone is different and it is impossible to gain an understanding of self within a set number of sessions. This course is for the attendee and serves the needs of the attendee and his or her family.


Please note, no course is magic, therapeutic intervention requires the commitment of the attendee and where this is not fully given, little or no progress will be possible.


There is a fee for this service. Details upon request.