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Help Line  now closed

Help and support for men and their families who are in, or have been in, an abusive or violent relationship and don't know where to turn for help and advice.    


Having someone to talk to helps overcome the feelings of being alone. Just talking about yourself and your problems can be a relief, simply because you have someone who is listening to you and has time for you.

But, men are not good at talking about their inner feelings.   Men are not good at admitting they need help.  Big boys don't cry,  real men don't cry. Real men ...  what is a real man?  A real man does have feelings and sometimes they are so overwhelming he just doesn't  know what to do.  A real man has the courage to admit that sometimes he needs help.  Now there is somewhere to get help, call Men Have Rights Too and talk about what is hurting you.

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In times of stress it's easy to feel topsy turvy, not know if you're on your head or your heals.  Do you feel fragile? Do you feel like any more and you'll break!


Don't hide away talk and let your feelings out.