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Help and support for men and their families who are in, or have been in, an abusive or violent relationship and don't know where to turn for help and advice.    

Men Have Rights Too complies with the BACP's Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Men Have Rights Too  came into existence early 2013.  


Some years ago I found myself in the unenviable position of being a victim of domestic violence and abuse.  But more than that, the lack of understanding by Social Services, CAFCASS and the Family Courts inflicted more hurt.  I was not believed! Even clergy at my local church exclaimed, ‘What, you’re a man and you can’t defend yourself!’


At that time I was a househusband and the main carer of my daughter, a career move I had undertaken full time for the past five years - from her birth. Even though the  bond between a child and main carer is vital for the emotional security of a child [see Bowbly, Attachment Theory], the court  system took no notice.  My daughter was screaming to be with me, her father, but she was not heard.  In effect the system becomes an abuser.  Father and daughter re-victimised by a system which claims to put the interests of the child first!


This experience led me into training to become a counsellor.  Throughout the four years of study, not one case study of a male victim of domestic violence was given.  Even a visiting male lecturer quoted case studies for female victims only.  


Bias is so strong against the male. Take a look at your local council’s web-site page for ‘Domestic Abuse’, I suspect you will find a picture of a distressed woman and links to Women’s Aid, but not to a help line for male victims.  Check in your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau and I suspect you will find posters for women victims, but not for men.  


Men Have Rights Too has been set up to help male victims of abuse who are suffering now.  Male victims who are, or have been in, an abusive or violent relationship and who do not know where to turn for help.  But domestic violence is not about gender, or should not be, and Men Have Rights Too works with women as well as men.  Someone needs help and that is the important thing.  


Don’t suffer in silence, contact Men Have Rights Too.


Gerald Cash

BSc (Hons) Counselling,  Reg.MBACP,

Chairman and founder of www.menhaverightstoo.co.uk

McKenzie Friend


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